America is getting closer

On Friday 13th (eek) we found out our destination for the proton beam treatment!

We will be going to Jacksonville!!!

Jacksonville is the largest City in Florida and it’s going to be very hot!!

There are also a lot of beaches so we will definitely be paddle boating at some point.


I am excited about going, but I am also quite scared.

I am really looking forward to seeing America, I’ve never been and I can’t wait to see what it’s like. I am scared about the machine as I don’t really know what to expect. I’m going to miss my friends because we’re all going to different senior schools, but have got their numbers and emails before I go, when I get back my Mum will set me up a facebook account.

I really really want to go to Disneyland while I am over there!! I’ve always wanted to go, and its only a 2 hour 16 minute drive, soo… we will see what Elaine’s driving is like over there.

disney   ToyStory_by_Sparkly-Kate

It would be nice to swim with Dolphins too… my Mum doesn’t do swimming in England she only swims on holiday if its hot, and it will be hot in Florida so she will have no excuse.

I like flying so I can’t wait for the long flight! At the moment we are on standby for our date to set off, so I am just getting ready for my trip! I am packing loads of clothes, colouring books and loom bands. While we’re in America I’m going to teach Elaine how to do a fish plat and she’s going to teach me how to speak French. Hahaha.

Hopefully my next post will be to tell you all I have a date, and then lift off! In the meantime, I’d like to thank everyone for their generous donations and all the fundraising that is taking place for me. xxx


2 thoughts on “America is getting closer

  1. Good luck angel will be thinking of you everyday. Your a strong little lady and I know you will take it all in your stride.
    I hope you enjoy the dolphins and diseny I’m sure you will much love from me lee and Freddie xx x

  2. I’m with you all the way Angel in my thoughts,be a good girl,be strong and be brave,your mother will be with you all the way too!! holding your hand ❤ @):- ❤

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