My Photoshoot in Stanley Park!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog so far, it’s really nice that people are helping and getting to know me.

I know a few of you might be thinking when you come on to my blog ‘hmmm nice picture Angel’ well! I thought I should tell you about how it got here!

Last Sunday, My Mums friend Annalise Davies organised a photo shoot to help raise money for my fund. This was such a great day for me and my Mum, and definitely something different to what I would usually be doing on a Sunday afternoon.

I went to Stanley Park and met Anna along with some volunteer models, then we all went off into different groups and had our pictures taken. There were quite a few of me, and I really enjoyed myself posing I felt like somebody famous.

The photographers used loads of reflectors and flash lights and I felt really different and special a bit like a celebrity. Here I am posing in the woods:


They took plenty of pictures of me on the day and they all look really nice, I was really happy with them and can’t believe my photo was even in the local newspaper here in Blackpool!!

Photoshoot2              Photoshoot5

This picture near the water fountain is my favorite, it’s just like…an actual picture, but it wasn’t really natural although I know it looks it! I was just pretending not to look the camera and acting like it was a normal pose but my mum was using the reflector on me the whole time so my face is glowing.



I would like to thank everyone who helped out at this special event, especially Annalise who organised it. It was a lovely  day and raised another £150 towards my fund!



So thank you so much!!! You can read more about this story on the Blackpool Gazette website here

Lots of love, Angel xx


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