Fundraising Progress…so many nice people!

Angel’s friends and family continue to strive to raise funds as we await a departure date for Jacksonville.

On behalf of Angel and her Mum, Bev, I’d like to say a massive  T H A N K   Y O U   for all this hard work, and to everyone who has contributed to the appeal.

We are fortunate to have recieved additional raffle prizes – some Manchester United tickets (thank you Mr. Moore!) a bottle of Whiskey donated by Margaret Taylor; some goodies from cafenero; a professional photo shoot; a signed England cricket item and a £25 boots voucher (special thanks to Carrina Finch for her lovely email to Angel).

Intack Car and Van Hire, Lower Audley Street, Blackburn, have given us a generous discount on mini bus hire for our peppa pig event in August!

Big Thanks to Gez at Folky Dokey who sent me a lovely custom made present I ordered for Angel, free of charge – judging by the pics it is beautiful, and I’m sure Angel will be delighted when she opens it in America (not to mention my suitcase will smell nice :P) Also thank you to everyone that is spreading the word and selling tickets on my behalf, especially Darren Stokes, who is kindly taking some raffle tickets down to Wales!

Today I collected a big box of fundraising and raffle posters that were kindly printed for us by Paul, at Caxton Printing Co, in Accrington who donated his services to the appeal.

Tickets for the Charity Psychic night in Blackburn, are now available at Highercroft butty shop, thank you Becky Hargreaves for selling these for us.

Image    Image Image

   Paul @ Caxton Print Co. Accrington. | Becky @ Highercroft Buttyshop | Posters & Tickets!!!

I’d also like to say thanks to Danielle Derbyshire, who helped me to put up and deliver almost 100 of these posters around Colne, Accrington, Blackburn and Darwen today.

I still have lots of raffle books and plenty of posters, if anyone else could spare some time to sell some tickets to their family, friends or work colleagues, please contact me at and I will get some in the post!!

Once again, all efforts are greatly appreciated and I know that both Angel and her Mum have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity so far.

Elaine xx

p.s. I’ll get a post from Angel soon, but in the mean time she wants to say…..




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