Our new home – Jacksonville!

Hello everyone!
Our update from Jacksonville is finally here, know you must have been waiting to hear all about the weather, our apartment, and if there were really that many rocking chairs in Philadelphia??

Firstly – yes – lots, and lots.

We arrived at Rivercity apartments (if you’d like a nosey round – here’s Angel with the grand tour) late last night, in the dark with nothing but a key! Managed to find the route to a store to pick up some water and milk! A little bit manic – right up to going to collect our car which… Duh duh duh…. Had no satnav! (I digress- anyone that has ever been in a car with Elaine will know she always, ALWAYS uses one) so you can imagine how well we faired in the sweltering heat, no idea where we were going, the leather seats burning us and being on the wrong side of the road!

We did manage to make it back to our village – via a very large de-tour that, in short, involved a dog; two dead cats on the road side (yuck!); an armadillo; an hour in the dollar store; lunch; a mega hunt for a kettle and tea bags; the first (very big!) storm of our trip and a lovely amount of time spent in Walmart.

So, now we have a stocked fridge, a car full of fuel, somewhere to rent DVDs (@only $1:20 a pop) and a kettle… We are sort of almost settled in, well, as much as we can be after 48 hours!

Appointments, Pre-Ops and scans start on Monday. Angel also has to take an IQ test, fortunately Elaine does not, as despite having a masters she couldn’t manage to operate the tin opener to open some tuna for tea.
We decided to chill out at the pool this afternoon and, I am excited to reported we met out first friends in Jacksonville!!! ❤

We met Ahonesti (who is 5, and has a reaaaaallllyy cute new dress she got from the mall and told us all about. Also thought Elaine was from Paris & Angel was from Australia)
Along with cute little twins Anthony and Anani. We can’t wait to go to the beach with them!!
With the permission of their lovely Mum Marlene, I have included a photo below!

We’re just going to chill out tonight – watch some TV and do some colouring! Long week ahead for us here in Florida.

Thanks for all the lovely messages and wishes on here, emails and Facebook. We are overwhelmed with the love and support.

Ciao for now!! x


P.s TEXTERS – we are five hours ahead. Cough. :p



L-R Anarni, Anthony, Ahonesti and Angel.







3 thoughts on “Our new home – Jacksonville!

  1. This is a message for Angel from Amber – Hi Angel, just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow. Hope everything goes ok. We’re missing you at school. It’s not the same without you. Look forward to seeing you when you get home. Love Amber xx

  2. Hi Angel Julie’s mum here, just want to say hope everything goes well for you at the hospital. Enjoy America it’s a great place and I am sure you will have a great time there especially DISNEY which is a magical place. Say hi to Mickey and Minnie for me and all the other characters. I love Disney love all the rides. Bye for now we will be thinking of you whilst you are there having your treatment to make you better. Lots of love Joan and Tom xxxxx

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