Driving; Doctors; Dinners & Dollar tree.

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the missed post yesterday we’ve been suppper busy!!

Firstly – we got lost *again* yesterday, despite only needing to go FOUR MILES, the American maps took us way out and we ended up at the Military base.
Despite what Benny thinks, I assure you this was not intentional, as lovely as I’m sure the service men (and women!) are.

We did finally manage to arrive at the Olive Garden, and had a lovely dinner, which was, although extremely yummy, also very large and thus the three of us had doggy bags for lunch today! Angel also made a passport from Italy, and some chocolate milk – becoming a firm fave!

Angel also had a walk over to Doller Tree – her new favourite store (not shop, get us, down with the lingo) where she got some art and craft supplies, a jigsaw and some snacks.

Fast forward to Monday, which was of course Day 1 at University of Florida Proton Therapy institute.
We we’re welcomed to coffee (lots of) and little cakes.
Lots of appointments for Angel, Computer time for Bev (lol!) and work for Elaine.

We managed to borrow some items from UFPTI – including some games, a hair dryer and most importantly….. A TOM TOM!!! Second biggest highlight of the trip (after the kettle) as this would save much time and stress… Or so we thought…

We finished quite early today (around 2) but what should have been a ten minute drive actually took us almost an hour. We have since found out that our address cannot be picked up by sattalite… And are now proud owners of… What can only be described as a Jacksonville street map.
We will keep you updated on how that goes!

We did eventually manage to get ourselves back to the complex, via road works, really dirty (it must be the sun) looking work men, a shop surrounded (or protected!) with perspex screen and…. No road kill today!

Spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool where we again saw Ahonesti and the twins, and made some more friends – a lovely family. (Jade, her Dad Campbell and his Mum, Kim.)

After a short (but very loud) thunderstorm, aforementioned new friends invited us out for dinner.
We shared cheese curds … A first for us three Brits but oh so nice!
Angel and Jade go chocolate milk, chicken, and buffalo crowns!!

After dinner we were invited to their apartment where we set off some fireworks (much better than the ones we have in the UK!) that he and Jade had left over from 4th July celebrations.

So, in all, a stressful but rather enjoyable couple of days! We feel we know a bit more about the local area now and the ball is rolling at UFPTI.

Angel is now tucked up in bed, while Bev and I are currently sat drinking cups of tea, counting our mosquito bites and trying to find directions for tomorrow’s appointments!





One thought on “Driving; Doctors; Dinners & Dollar tree.

  1. Aww it’s lovely that you’re keeping us all updated, and sharing pics with us. 🙂 glad you’ve got a kettle!

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