Wednesday 8th July

Yesterday was a busy day for me – we were up early and made our way to the Neumours Children’s Clinic which is in the City. Elaine is getting the hang of driving on the highways now.

I had a consultation and then did a (very long) IQ test. Had to answer lots and lots of questions, order numbers and test my hand eye coordination too!

My Mum and Elaine were waiting for me in the waiting room watching the smurfs.
After my tests I borrowed some DVDs from the lobby (The Little Mermaid and Scooby Doo) and we went for a little look around the Ronald McDonald house which is just opposite the children’s hospital.

It’s very very big here! With a lot more rooms, a bigger kitchen and a lot of quiet areas. Elaine took my picture with the dancing children and we told them about the RM house at Alder Hey.

Nice drive back to the apartment and we DIDN’T GET LOST at all.

In the afternoon we went to the pool with Jade and swam and played for a bit before I had a shower and Elaine took me to Walmart where we bought 31 bottles of water that should tell you how hot it is out here!!

Today I am going to an arts and crafts session with a local artist, looking forward to that, will let you know how it goes.
I am missing all of my friends from school, but not my brothers – there is no one here to have a go at me ha ha.

Oh Elaine also found me some sharpies from Walmart which I love they smell beautiful!!

Lots of love, Angel. x







2 thoughts on “Wednesday 8th July

  1. Hi Angel. Loved today’s update 🙂 31 bottles of water, wow it must be hot!!! So happy that you have met some nice new friends and that you are having fun in the pool. I hope you had a good time at the arts and craft day today. Jess is trying to decide what to wear for the non uniform day on Friday with your fab pop star/ superheroes theme 🙂 we all miss you back here in sunny Blackpool. Lots of love and cuddles. Liz, Dave, jess, Emily and David xxxxx

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