Haematology base line tests & a Proton Preview Tour

Tonight the sky is completely black, despite being really warm there have been a few scattered showers… We can’t wait to see a proper thunder storm!
Elaine dropped Bev and Angel off at the stores for some shopping while Elaine went for a run in the woods.
Bev is now a few dollars lighter while Elaine is covered in insect bites from the woods.

Today we have been to the Nemours Children’s clinic for haematology tests and meet Angel’s team of doctors over there.

We later went back to UFPTI where we had a proton preview tour.
After a bit of interactive slide show, we were given some science background information on how the protons are made ad the beam is produced.
After we had a tour around the rooms Angel will be using, and got to see the Cyclotron – which is he heart of the Proton system.

We were shown various things in the room, highlights included:

* Million dollar table: This will definitely be the most expensive thing Angel will lie on in her life time. With a 6 degree rotation! So she’ll be in exactly the right place, the table can be adjusted to the mm – enabling Angel to receive a really precise treatment.

* Cyclotron: This is shielded by high density walls (which are 18ft thick!)

The processes starts with water – gathering hydrogen, and through electrolysis – the Oxygen, Hydrogen and Atoms are separated leaving the Hydro atoms isolated… If this is making sense?
Through ionisation, the cyclotron separates the protons from the electrons.

Using electric and magnetic fields, the cyclotron accelerates a proton to 62% of the speed of light (which is 115,320 miles per SECOND)

In all, we are overwhelmed with information today and have lots to prepare for.

We will probably be going to Jacksonville Zoo this weekend, special thanks to The University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute for the free tickets.

Thanks for all the messages! Love reading the comments and well wishes we are receiving. xx








3 thoughts on “Haematology base line tests & a Proton Preview Tour

  1. Hi Angel, I’ve just been reading about the million dollar table and the cyclotron…what a lot to take in.
    I’m sure you’ve received lots of messages about the year 6 play already but I just wanted to let you know that it was made so special having your high tech digital appearance. Elliot worked his IT magic to have you dancing and performing with everybody. It certainly took everyone by surprise and it almost left Mrs Hirst speechless.
    Lots of people made a huge effort on your non uniform day – Miss Hornby was dressed as Superwoman!!
    Harry and I send you lots of love, Mrs Wright 🙂

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