Hello everyone it’s Bev

The year 6 leavers play looked amazing from what has been posted on my fb wall,we’ll done all pupils in year 6.angel can’t wait to watch the full version.
Thanks to all the nice messages, even though we have been here a week it feels like ages.
Jacksonville is an amazing place so clean,random strangers talk to you,they bag your shopping for you,petrol is cheap,angel loves the dollar tree it’s the new ¬£1 shop in her life.
Hope you are all enjoying the blog please leave comments,obviously it’s Elaine’s job and I do give her nights off ,I’m not that mean.i will try and put a comment on here weekly for you all.
Please do not be offended if I don’t reply to my Facebook messages or post it’s very hard when you have lots of inbox messages and post to read.
Bev xxx


One thought on “Hello everyone it’s Bev

  1. Hi Bev and Angel glad to hear you have settled in, hope your both ok and I am enjoying reading your blog each day take care all our love Margaret Allen and Sam xxxx

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