Rainy day at the Zoo

Today we went to the Zoo!
We were really fortunate to receive free tickets from The University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute.

The zoo was fun, they had a winter in July theme going on. It was a lot different to the other Zoos (in England) Angel has been to, if it wasn’t for the concerete floor we were walking on, you would think we were in the jungle!!

The best day to go to the zoo is definitely when it’s raining, as there were hardly any people visiting, so we didn’t have to question for any of the exhibits at all. We really enjoyed our day out!

While I ate tea Elaine went for a run – but in the gym as my Mum and I have banned her from running in the woods since she is covered in bites!

This evening Kim and Hampton (the dog!) came round for a visit and we decided to go out for frozen ice yoghurt, Kim took us to a place she knows – called Tutti frutti!
Tomorrow we have another day off so we may visit a flea market.

Angel also now has a Facebook account! So he friends from school can now add her if they wish!!

Talk to you soon x










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