Ice Cream and Frozen Yoghurt!

Thank you so much to Vivienne O’Shea who has raised £86 towards Angel’s appeal – at Sundae Best, Redbank Road in Bispham!

It’s really lovely to have such lovely support back home, thank you everyone for all you are doing for us while we’re out here!!

Talking of dessert… Here is Angel getting her fix, at her new favourite place – tutti frutti frozen yoghurt! There is really nice store quite close to us at River City Market Place and it is fast becoming our favourite place!


Thanks again for everyone’s support back home and in America – We can hardly keep up with the lovely messages! Remember to follow the blog (bottom left hand corner is the follow button) and you can add us on Skype: (bevogrego, laneybacon) we will try to make time for a chat! xx


2 thoughts on “Ice Cream and Frozen Yoghurt!

  1. Lovely photo Angel. We’d love to try the frozen yoghurt too. Sounds yummy. Thinking about you. Xxx

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