Last Day off before treatment!

Hi everyone! It’s our last day off today before treatment starts tomorrow (we are still awaiting details).

Our Monday has started like this
– Angel attended a craft morning at Michaels. How fab that you get two hours craft (and materials!) for just $2!! Wow, wish they had stuff like this in England!

Angel made a loom weave while Bev and Elaine browsed the shops!
We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch while Elaine’s brother facetimed us. Thank you Warren for making us laugh!!!!

Edit: as I was typing we received an email from the clinic – treatment will start tomorrow at 2pm!! xxx






6 thoughts on “Last Day off before treatment!

  1. It’s lovely to be able to see all the things you have been doing Angel. I will be thinking of you as you start your treatment tomorrow. Sending lots of positive thoughts love from Miss Simpson x

  2. Angel, hope all goes well for tomorrow. Amber and I will be thinking about you. This is the start of making you better when you can come home to all your friends and family. Sending you all our love, Julie and Amber xxxxx

  3. Miss Gregson, I shall be thinking of you tomorrow (as i do most days) as you start your treatment or should I say start showing that pesky tumour who boss 👊pow👊pow👊 sending you a super big squeeze! xxx

  4. Good luck angel you are the strongest little person I know and you will get through this. Stay strong Love you so much miss you loads Freddie sends big kisses and is waiting for his hugs much love lee Laura and Freddie
    X x x x x

  5. Good luck Angel ,we are thinking of you.i love all the pictures you have on here .Say hi to your mum for me. love to you and your mum ,Auntie Michelle Uncle Andy and Sally xxxx

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