The British return to St. Augustine (Take 11)

Today we went on a road trip to St Augustines!

It’s the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement and port in America, so we were very excited to visit for some American ‘history’ and culture.

First off – Big thanks to Campbell for driving us there, (and for walking us through the storm) giving Elaine a much needed day off from driving – it really is like wackey races here, they don’t even INDICATE in Jacksonville.

We set off quite early this morning and were greeted by happy helpful Americans in St. Augustine.




Upon arriving in the city we had to pay for parking (what?! First time we’ve had to pay since being here! All the hospitals have been free) we made our way to the museum and purchased tickets for the ‘ride on narrated your Trolly’.

The Trolly took us all around St. Augustine, we learn about the history the churches, the buildings and of course saw lots of the attractions and museums.

There really is so much to do in the city and we’ll definitely be returning! You could definitely spend a weekend there just looking around the lovely shops.



We got off at the ‘Fountain of Youth’ park, where we drank from the fountain! It didn’t taste the best…. Let’s just say that!

Anyway, we all had a shot (some of us had to hold our nose while downing!) and walked around the park there, it was very nice and we also watched a cannon display.




After the park we went to a quaint little restaurant called Al’s for lunch.


The chimps enjoyed their munch

After lunch we decided to have a look around the shops, and ended up at a free magic show, after which Angel bought some tricks she’s going to practice so she can show her brothers when she gets home!

During the show, what can only be described as an epic storm started!
This was definitely the most craziest storm we’ve experienced since being here! The lightening was really bright, and the thunder made the sky sound like it was cracking!
Fortunately for us Campbell got us all back to the parking lot safely – via a detour for ice cream tasting (mmm thanks Kim) although it’s safe to say we were definitely all completely drenched.

Angel bought some more postcards and a few souvenirs before we set off back to our apartment.
The ride home was pretty much one big sing fest, we established:

* Iggy must be pretty rich – since she’s on the radio station every time we get in car/store/restaurant/gas station.
* There are far too many high high bridges in Jacksonville (Bev has to close her eyes while crossing)
*Campbell is going to get Angel hooked on country music before we leave
* Jacksonville is full of crazy drivers that hog the wrong lanes and are full of road rage!

Treatment starts Tuesday, so relaxing day for Angel tomorrow xx









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