Day 1 – Done!!!

Just a final update after rushing yesterday.

Angel has now completed her first session of proton beam therapy – yay!

We hugged her goodbye and took a few pictures with the nurses before she went in, although we have to leave her at the door.

Angel was skipping through the door full of smiles and returned to us that way!!! Her only complaint so far is that the table (in the gantry – the one she lies on before the tumour is zapped with protons!) is too hard.

Another man we met at lunch told us it’s like laying on a glass sheet! No other side effects to report.

After her treatment we went across to the Doctors canteen to get some food (salad for Bev and I, grilled ham and cheese toasted sandwich for Angel). The sun was shining all day yesterday and it was very hot! Angel and I stayed in the pool with Campbell and Jade until almost 7pm, so she went to bed earlier last night.

Shall keep you all updated! Thanks for the blog comments… and the whopping 474 views on the blog yestersday!!! Both Angel and Bev love reading your comments and well wishes.


Much love,









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