Proton V Brain Tumour: Day 2!

Hello all!

Angel’s appointment today is at 2:45pm.

We have just been to an informative lunch and learnt lots about lymphoma cancer – radiation v proton. We really enjoy the lunches: meeting new people is great, and the presentations are always really interesting and informative! After lunch everyone was asking how Angel’s first treatment went… and how we have settled in.

We all agree that we love it here! haha, Everyone at the hospital (i.e non locals) also agree with me that Jacksonville drivers are close to Italians…. Driving here is literally like wacky races… and no one seems to know what it means to indicate! So glad I’m not the only one who finds the interstate such a challenge!!!

This morning Angel has been to the craft session at Michaels. She has made a little cardboard girl with a skirt and a beaded bracelet with her name on. She really enjoys going to Michaels craft sessions and will hopefully continue if her treatment times allow.

We are off to Dick’s tonight for bingo and wings – hopefully we win tonight!

Shall update you as I can!

Elaine x





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