Proton V Brain Tumour – Day 3 (Auctions, Tie Dye & Mri!)

Angel is currently in her first MRI scan of the week. As the treatment goes on, she will have to have regular MRIs, CT’s, haemotology, IQs etc to make sure everything is happening as it should be!

Day 3 of treatment today! It’s all a bit Startrek in the gantry… and the table feels like you’re laying down on a sheet of glass!

We went to bingo last night and Bev won (a dessert lol!) we also met a new friend – Scott Stevens (who originally hails from the UK!) who is a great help with advise on where not to hang out.. haha! He is also trying to hook us up with a football game (Go, Gators, Go).

Tonight we are going to Family Fun night at the Proton Institute, where afterwards we will be creating tie-dye t-shirts! I took Angel to Walmart to buy a small white tee on the way, we will post pictures later.

Also a big mention of the weekly auctions – as many of you know, the lovely Jodie Kershaw has been collecting donated items and auctioning them online – via her facebook group Auctions for Angel, this week there are three items for auction!

The items this week are:

YVES skin care again kindly donated by Freyja GodessofLove Walker

Two toy sets, donated by Tara Jayne Cooper – a truck & helicopter set

And finally, a voucher for 2 Adults & 2 kids day pass to Ribby Hall. This was kindly donated by Mrs Anyon from Bispham Endowed. All auctions finish Thursday 31st July at 7pm (GMT!)

Elaine x


One thought on “Proton V Brain Tumour – Day 3 (Auctions, Tie Dye & Mri!)

  1. Hello Angel and Co
    I think the idea of a q and a is a really good one. So here goes:
    Angel – how much of your face/head does the mask cover? Can you breathe ok? Also, how long are you on the ‘table’ for?
    Thinking about you every day and sending lots of love.
    Mrs Hirst x

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