Interview #1

As promised, we will try to answer all your questions (however difficult!) as best we can.

I just want to note that I have had a lot of emails re: protons, the hospitals and the different types of tests that take place, so I hope to write a more detailed post about each of those as I have time. I will answer them all eventually. But for now and because it’s Friday…

Genie Turner: What’s your favourite American word/slang?

E : My favourite is ‘kinda sorta’, and my least faveourite is the way they use ‘thru’ instead of to. ‘Monday thru Friday’ ewwww.

B: Eveybody calls me ‘Mamm’ a lot.

A: ‘Abbbbbsaaaaaluuuuutttttlleeeeyyyyy’

Cat Berry: What has been your(all) favourite moment of your time there so far?

A: Holding the gator.

B: Will get back on this!

E: The thunderstorm from the day we went to St. Augustines! It literally sounded like Thor was trying to break through the sky… Campbell kept giving us orders like an Army sergant to run over to another roof. ‘Red roof, ready… go, go, go’.

Jodie Kershaw Is there a little romance blossoming?!? & is Angel getting an American twang.

E: Good question Jodie, Bev is really enjoying watching the lead actor from rush… she also likes a spanish guy on her facebook. We did see one hot guy, but turns out he was just a baby!

B: She still sounds like she’s from Blackpool, but she can mimic Americans and do a really good jacksonville accent impression.

Graham Bamford: ‘is Angel conscious when she has the treatment. Bev how are you finding living with Elaine? And Elaine whats it like having a little sister?

E: Yes she is. Some children (usually under 5) are sedated.. but Angel is not, she just has to lie very very still… which is very hard for someone so active.

B: It’s good living with Elaine… it’s kind of like having a sister… (even though she looks 14!!)

E: She does my washing for me… she’s like my Florida Mom

B: I kinda feel like a second Mum… it’s not me who attracts drama anymore…

E: She jumps on my bed, jumps on my back in the pool… we do arty farty stuff and she likes to sing and watch disney movies… sooo…. I’m pretty much in my element a lot of the time.

Brendon Kershaw: Does the treatment take long and boring when it’s being done xx

A: No it doesn’t take that long, it’s not too boring because I get to listen to music, they put a video on if I want. I just have to stay really still on that uncomfortable table.

Hayley Lianne Howson: Who is the most sunburnt? Xx

A: Elainee

B: Elaine

E: 😦

Scott Stevens: Who is your favorite (favoUrite) Bingo caller?

A: Definitely not Scott!

E: Scott would be okay if I ever won…

B: Since I won a line… maybe Scott Stevens! I’ve played three different types of bingo now!

E: Winning tickets on Wednesday please 😀

Samia Hussain:Is Campbell Meyer related to Stephanie Meyer, does this mean you get free copies of Twilight?’

E: ahahaha would explain how much he loves Twilight. I will ask him and get back to you.

Scott T. Crichton: What’s the weirdest American thing since being in Jacksonville?’

B: There are lots of weird things going on here… But when the zoo came to the family fun night the first week we were here, they prepared us for a ‘rare’ animal… and it turned out to be a …. hedgehog.

E: ‘Jacksonville drivers don’t indicate’, they call bins benches at the apartment.

Julie Park:Amber was wondering how often Angel has to have the proton beam therapy. Does it happen every day and if so how long does this happen for? Also, she wanted to know if there are any side effects? Amber hopes it doesn’t make Angel feel too ill. Send her our love and hope all is going well. X’

E: She has to receive proton therapy every day, Monday – Friday. She leaves Bev and I, in the main lobby and goes to a room with a nurse, from there she collects her mask (which was specially made for Angel’s head and protects her face from the radiation) and goes through to the gantry.

Once there she lies on a (really uncomfortable but also uber expensive) table … very very still. She actually only receives 1-2 45 intensive blasts of proton therapy… but it’s the setting up that takes the time. BIG detailed proton post and the side effects soon I promise.

Terri-Anne RigbyMines about food lol,, what’s the best food you’ve had over there including desserts lol’

B: We haven’t really had a lot of desserts over here, they’re not what we expected.

E: Chicken soup from Olive Garden!

B: Mmm the soup at Olive Garden, and it’s unlimited you can have as much as you want.

A: Frozen Yoghurt, Dennys, Golden Corral dessert table with the chocolate fountain and pizza mmmm.

B: Cheap and cheerful Golden Corral, it’s a buffet and we had… stewing steak and sprouts!

Alexea Gordon:Would you like to live in America’


B: If I got offered a job out here I would be tempted.

E: I just can’t keep still.

Collette Davison: ‘What is it like all living together’

B: We’re glad we chose the apartment, it’s fine we’re like a little American family.

E: Radiation Vacation.

Keiron Riley Has the American accent not annoyed you? If not – How?

A: Absolutely not (sarcastic face)

E: Wutttt.

A: Wutt wutt.

E: It’s the way they drag eveeerrryyything outttttt. Plus we’re so close to Georgia. My hillbillie accent is top notch now!


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