It’s Friiidaaay (Proton V Tumour Day 4)

By the time we reach September, I hope I am still spelling tumour tumour and not tumor, since that’s how I say it now. yuck!

Angel is currently having her proton blast for today… no headaches, vomiting or tummy ache so far, just a little teary at times.

We plan to go to the pool tonight after hospital (although, while hot it’s also currently thundering outside… so who knows) and to the Olive Garden for dinner. 

She also has the weekend off from treatment, so we plan to go to the Museum of Science and Industry, thanks to the Proton Clinic for our free passes.

Angel has been to the Michaels Summer School craft camp this morning – where she made a little bag out of (union jack) duct tape. Cute! There should be something like this in England… we still can’t believe it’s only $2 for 2 hours!!

We wanted to also share this event with you – a ‘Summer Market’ taking place on red bank road, in Bispham, Blackpool.

It’s on August 10th -the day of Blackpool Air Show, so the Promenade will be full with spectators, this looks like a great event, a fantastic family day out for your diaries…..all in aid of Angel’s appeal. I’m sure Bev and Angel know some beauties in Blackpool who would like to enter the bathing beauties competition!!! 

Thanks for all the questions… in the middle of that interview as I speak, as we do get a lot of messages about the treatment and hospitals, I am going to start writing a more informative piece once a week.


10525837_839286042757728_3648907305604598013_n 10505605_665767450182516_5711613409544065973_n





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