4th weekend in FL!

Wow, we’ve almost been here a month!
Last night (Friday) we went to Olive Garden for dinner.
As usual it was lovely, although extra nice tonight as out waitress – Kayla, invited us to a princess pamper night next week! It’s at Paul Mitchell School of hair, and Angel is very excited to get her hair make up and nails done! We are going to look for a pretty dress for her this week.
Thank you so much to Kayla for purchasing Angel a ticket and inviting us!!!

After skyping Brendon this morning (at 7am our time may I add!) Angel went to the summer craft programme at Michaels.
Today she made a lovely little flower picture with tissues!
We can’t express enough how much Angel loves going to these and how much she enjoys them, all for only $2 too!

We spent the rest of today at the pool & getting stuck in a thunderstorm/shower.

This evening Kim took Angel and Bev for frozen yoghurt at Tutti-Frutti.

She is fast asleep now – looking forward to our busy day tomorrow, we are off to the Museum of Science and History! Thanks to the Proton clinic for our tickets!!!!

Thanks everyone for reading and for the comments!
Today has been hot hot hot, definitely the hottest weekend so far, so we’re glad you’re feeling a bit of it back home.
P.s haven’t forgotten the rest of your questions – I’m going to write a detailed proton post about the beams and the mask while Angel is having her MRI and therapy on Monday.

P.p.s how pretty is Angel looking with her sunkissed hair! x






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