Sunday afternoon – MOSH & Lunch on European St.

This afternoon we went to the museum of science and history.
We were fortunate to receive three entrance tickets through The University of Florida Proton Institute.

Museums here appear to be dramatically different than back home, especially in scale! Although we appreciated the addition of lots of maritime facts & learning about the average ‘1965 American family’.

Angel enjoyed feeding the tortoise and the science and body areas!
She also bought some rocks from the gift shop.
The museum, although Downtown Jacksonville was in a hard to reach area and Elaine definitely struggled finding her way their this morning! If you ever come to America bring a decent satnav!

After the museum we found a quaint little European style cafe for lunch. It was lovely and Angel was pleased to have her first ‘real’ hot dog while Elaine and Bev had the most delicious soup!

We picked up some items from the European gift shop (including ‘Angel mints’ and tongue tattoos???!?!)

The drive back was 20000% easier than the drive there, although once again we went over a reeeally high bridge (Sorry Bev)!!

We’re going to the pool this afternoon and may watch a movie in together tonight! Been a nice weekend but very very hot!

MRI & Proton tomorrow – and I shall answer Amber and Jo Hurt’s questions!!

Thanks again for all the well wishes, leave Angel some comments on her blog!




6 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon – MOSH & Lunch on European St.

  1. Hi Angel hope ur having a good time in between ur treatments . The museum looks good and I wish I could have some frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti #itlooksamazing . Missing u sending love DANIEL SMITH XX đŸ˜‰

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