Graduations, Visitors and Thank yous!!

This morning we have come to the clinic to watch a ‘Proton Graduation’ of a little girl from England called Jessica. She is three years old and has been receiving proton beam therapy for the last eight weeks to treat an eye tumour.

Today was her final day of treatment – so a lot of patients and friends gathered around to watch her ring ‘the bell’ and wish her well with the rest of her journey, as well as share some of her lovely Minnie mouse cake.

Last night, Elaine’s Mum Lorraine came out to visit us in Florida, she has brought with her lots of well wishes, supplies (tea bags!) and fund-raising money.

Thank you to Gaynor Fielding, who has been the main organiser in Blackpool – collecting Angel’s fundraising money from various events, places and people.

Also a big Thank You to Maggie Owen, from The Union Exchange in Colne, who held a charity night at her Pub, and Lorraine Bamford for hosting these nights and selling yet more raffle tickets!!

Lorraine managed to buy her flight really cheap – so if anyone else wishes to book one, feel free to come over and visit us, there is lots of room in our apartment and plenty of sunshine! 

Angel now has Bisto gravy granules so is much happier about the mash potato situation!

She is currently in a consultation with Doctor Danny, after having her proton beam therapy earlier today. This afternoon we will be buying strawberries and swimming at the pool!









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