Proton V Brain Tumour – 7 Days Down

Just an update! Today (Wednesday 30th) means Angel has had 7 days of proton therapy!
She has also had an MRI, consultations and doctors appointments this week! As well as attending lots of arts and crafts.
Just wanted to let you know that everything is going as well as can be. Angel has been lucky and had no side effects yet, aside from looking a little pasty at times.
We are settled here in Jacksonville – it feels like we live here now!
The problems we have encountered have been limited and easily resolved. Thanks to everyone at the clinic for their support.

It’s very very hot here, many days we just have to stay inside. We’ve planned a ‘radiation vacation’ for next week and were fortunate enough to receive free tickets to Disneyland from the Proton Clinic.

Will continue to update you as I can. Just wanted to say thanks for all of the support, people fundraising back home, skyping Angel, sending us pictures, following the blog and so on.

I know Angel and Bev look forward to reading the comments left on here, as someone said at the lunch & learn today – ‘sometimes the things may seem meaningless and small, just a little ‘like’ or the odd ‘thinking of you’ comment, but it makes you realise you’re not going through this on your own’.

Another young little girl who also traveled from England with her Mum finishes her treatment tomorrow, so we will be going to the clinic earlier to watch her ‘ring the bell’ as she graduates.

More tomorrow! Will leave you with a few pics from the last few days.


P.S I am SO sorry about all the typos, I do try to edit as I see them (or Bev reads them…) but I am doing everything on the blog from an iphone … Autocorrect fails!! xx








One thought on “Proton V Brain Tumour – 7 Days Down

  1. hi, glad everythings going well. Just thought you might like to know Bev ,JN came in last week , he looks really well better than I v seen him for ages. He didn’t know about Angel so I explained to him and he wished you both the best, he was 85 on Monday .Enjoy looking at your pictures , you look well. Also people at dancing have asked how Angel is .xxx

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