Elaine Explains… Auds Chime

Okay, so I know I have talked about ‘the bell’ a few times.I thought that after mentioning Jessica’s graduation yesterday, I’d explain it to y’all in a little more detail.


Aud’s Chime
My time has come to ring this chime
A simple sound – a simple sign
That tells the world this is my time
To cherish the health that I will find
— Sue and Wendel Anderson, parents of Audrey Anderson

In 2012,  a little girl name Audrey Anderson travelled 16,000 miles from Melbourne Australia, so that she could receive proton beam therapy for an inoperable brain tumour.

While waiting for Aud to complete one of her proton sessions, her Mum Sue, and uncle came up with the idea of a chime, and they sketched out a design, sharing their idea with resident artist Barbara (when we talk about art with Barbara in the lobby!)
Barbara contacted architect David Engdahl, and, with the assistance of Hskell Stell, the chime was installed with a suspension system made of cabel.
The eight-foot chime is named Aud’s Chime, in 6 year old Audrey Anderson’s honor, and includes a pull rope made of Australian wool which was hand crafted by an Australian artist.
On Janurary 22nd 2013, Aud returned to Jacksonville for the unveiling of a custom made chime, click here to see the video of Aud, who was also the first patient from Australia to receive Proton Therapy.


Angel will be ringing the chime at the end of her treatment, just like Jessica did yesterday, and as all proton patients do at the end of their treatment. Typically, patients also bring in cakes and other treats, and there is a little celebration to go along with the bell ringing.

Auds Chime is one of the many things that has touched us during this experience, so I thought I’d share this beautiful little story behind the concept with you.










One thought on “Elaine Explains… Auds Chime

  1. Elaine – we love your updates – what a wonderful gift you gave to Bev & Angel agreeing to share this journey with them, initiating the fundraising, the blog, giving your time & your love freely to move with them across the world away from your own family & friends. On behalf of everyone I think you deserve big thanks xxxxx

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