Happy August from America x

August has arrived, which means it’s closer to September and Angel will be able to come home soon!!

Everything regarding the treatment, check ups and proton therapy is so far all going fine.

This morning Angel went to the Saturday morning craft session at Michaela with Miss Debbie. She made a stretchy bracelet and made some new friends.

This morning we have been for a walk around a flea & farmers market – we bought some soap! It is soo so hot here we couldn’t wait to get back into the air conditioned car.
We were going to swim at the pool this afternoon but it’s currently thundering outside!
Instead we are hanging out in the apartment, Angel is skyping her friend (Lucas), Bev is on the phone to her friend (Gaynor) Lorraine has been doing our laundry and Elaine is reading comics.
We might watch a DVD later on!

Tomorrow we will be busy as we’re off to St. Augustines again, Angel wants to visit the outlets as it’s no tax this weekend! We have also received some free tickets to the first ever Ripleys Believe it or not! So we’ll be having a touristy day, and will update with pics tomorrow!!

Thanks to all our visitors and for all the comments!!
We’re being filmed for a medical video on Wednesday, proton all week and then Disneyworld next weekend. We’re really hoping it cools down but will probably end up having to buy fans and water guns from the dollar store!

Lots of love,

Angel and co xx


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