Last day at Michaels and Princess Pamper Night

Today Angel’s proton appointment was at lunchtime, so she was able to attend the last kids summer craft sessions.
Angel had a lovely time with Miss Deborah, who then gave her heaps of freebies!! Wow, we appreciate it so much. Thank you Deborah and congrats to Michaels for having such brilliant staff!


Talking of brilliant people, last week I mentioned that our lovely waitress Kaleigh from Olive Garden had invited us to a princess pamper night at Paul Mitchell school of hair.

The hair school host various events each year to raise funds for 12 different charities. Tonight the Paul Mitchell school of hair in Jacksonville held a princess pamper party which invited little girls to go to the school and have their hair nails and make up done.
Kaleigh kindly paid for Angels ticket – and Angel had a great time!!! First she had her hair curled in the Cinderella hair salon, then her nails done in Belles beauty parlor! (Pretty pink)
Finally she had make up applied (yet more pink) all finished off with a lovely glittery pink dress and a crown from the Proton clinic!

Angel had a lovely lovely time and is now fast asleep tired from the busy day!

Tomorrow we’ll have a walk around the flea market and do some arts and crafts in the apartment – we still have one jigsaw to complete!!

Thanks for all the lovely comments, and hello to the new followers!!

Elaine x













13 thoughts on “Last day at Michaels and Princess Pamper Night

  1. Wow, look at all those freebies! That should keep you busy for ages Angel 🙂 and what a stunning princess you make xxxxx

  2. Angel,you look beautiful.I hope all is going well with your treatment and you are not feeling too tired.Daniel was here Weds and Thurs,we went on a long bike ride at the back of B&Q all the way to Moor park with Harry too he was tired as it was hot,we go on holiday soon but Daniel will still keep in touch by Skype.raining today and a bit cooler here.I am loving the commonwealth games,netball on at the moment.lots of love to you and your mum Anita xxxx

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time. You make a beautiful princess think magic kingdom should offer you a job. Love to all xx

  4. Well Princess Angel! Don’t you look fabulous. You certainly look as though you enjoyed all the pampering! Lots of love to you all. Mrs Hirst x

  5. Angel you look absolutely stunning in the princess party dress. It must have been so much fun getting pampered and made to look beautiful. It’s great you can do fun stuff in between treatments. Hugs from Amber and Chloe. XX.

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