Fun end to the busy weekend!

On Sunday we took Angel to the outlet mall at St. Augustines. She bought some trainers for herself … Pink and black high tops!


We walked around for most of the morning looking in all the American stores!
Angel had a hotdog for lunch in the good court.
Dodging the rain, we went back to St.Augustine (historical town) and took a red train tour (we were lucky to get free tickets for this from the Proton Clinic)
The train tour was fun and interesting and we had a crazy short cut, traffic dodging driver.



After the train we went round the Ripleys Believe it or not museum – the original and first one! This was really interesting and we saw some neat stuff, Angel also made a wax hand to take home with her!
Once again – we are so grateful for our free tickets! Thanks to staff at UFPTI.








We ran back to the car as to not get soaked by the impending rain, did a de-tour to Denny’s for dinner on the way back and then drove through the super dark clouds all the way home!

Lovely Sunday!
As Angel has her treatment Mon-Fri… I don’t know if it comes across on the blog, but we are in clinics or hospitals pretty much most of the day Mondays through Fridays.
So we do try to do something at the weekend…. Next weekend ANGEL IS GOING TO DISNEYWORLD!
She can’t wait for her ‘radiation vacation’ (what they say at the clinic for poorly children that go on a trip during their treatment)





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