Proton V Brain Tumour – 2 weeks down!

Angel had another MRI yesterday, so I thought I would update you on the progress so far… everything is stable at the moment, so there is no need to re-plan any of her treatment.

She is currently rocking what looks almost like a black eye… One of her chalazions has become a little inflamed. We have spoken to a few other parents whose children have experienced this (as Angel did before her diagnosis) hopefully this will lessen with time.

You may have also noticed the marks on her nose the past few weeks… these have been caused by the mask.

She’s currently in the lobby with her Mum, Lorraine and Barbara enjoying arts and crafts. Proton today at three, so fingers crossed,… so far it is looking like Angel will get to go on a mini radiation vacation to Disneyworld this weekend. Yayyyyy!



8 thoughts on “Proton V Brain Tumour – 2 weeks down!

  1. am glad that all is going well for you Angel, hope you have a nice time at Disney land you deserve it. Pam x

  2. You are doing so well Angel and we are very proud of you. It will all soon be over and you will be able to come back home. Love and hugs to all of you xxx

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