Presentations, Graduations, Birthdays and Chruch

Busy day yesterday!
It was the graduation day of Trinity! A little girl we have met while being in America, she is 8 years old and has finished her proton beam therapy!!!

Here she is with her Mom and Dad ringing the bell…


It was a great day for Trinity to be finishing because it was also HER BIRTHDAYY!!!! Happy 9th Birthday Trinity!!! ❤



We also went to lunch and learn yesterday while Angel finished her painting for Dr Ho (the main physicist working with Angel).

Lunch was paid for by the lovely people at Third and Main (Thank you!)
Lunch was lovely, and aft wards we listened to a presentation on paediatric cancers given by Dr. Danny.

Talking of Doctor Danny, he later gave his hands to the art Elaine was painting in the lobby. We all put our hands on, drew round them and wrote a proton message!

Later in the evening we met up with Susan Henderson Sinclair, who we followed to church.
Big Thanks to Susan for lending us her satnav…. Woohoo we can now get to different locations without the massive stress the out of date tomtom was causing us!

Today we are off shopping… Angel wants to look round some shops before her proton appointment for today!
We’re off to an American style pub quiz tonight…. Will let you know how that goes…
But for now – pics from yesterday!










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