Thrift store, Festivals & Trivia Thursday!

Morning all!! Happy weekend, just an update from yesterday!

We ended up going to some thrift stores, coincidence that the first one we found was called ‘Angels Aid’! Which was opened in memory of a 9 year old girl called Taisha.

We then went to a Caribbean restaurant, don’t know if I’ve mentioned but since I’ve been here Bev has been desperate to eat Jamaican food (specifically curried goat – with festivals!) we struck lucky at Island Tropical on Main Street near the clinic, where the chef offered to make us festivals from fresh!

Raving reviews from Bev and we will definitely be back there!

Yesterday evening we went to the Trivia night at Dicks Wings and Grill, and invited our new friend Ewen – our new friend we met at lunch on Wednesday – he’s also from the UK (originally Scotland but lives in Brighton now) and also has a brain tumour like Angel!

Anyway, armed with our British brains we arrived at Dicks and got stuck in to the quiz…. Which was quite different from pub quizzes in the UK.
Basically we had a bunch of cards… The questions were asked, and we had to write down our answer and run it up to the compare (Scott) before the song was over.

Anywayyyy, both my Mum and Ewen came in handy for the Pacman and back to the future questions.

We enjoyed our much, and drinks – who knew they out orange in beer?

Big News is – WE WON! Wahooo! We were more than a little excited about this and had our picture taken on the stage with the lovely Scott. Who also covered our dinner – how kind!! I keep telling you about all the lovely brilliant Americans we’ve been meeting!

In all, a good day!

We’re up early today as Angel has a super early proton appointment and then we are driving straight down to Disneyworld!!!
Will update from Orlando as have a few events back in England to promote!
Much love, happy weekend! xx

P.s here’s Dr Hon (Main Physicist on Angel’s team) with his drawing Angel made him.






One thought on “Thrift store, Festivals & Trivia Thursday!

  1. Bev , youll be ok when you get back the Jamaican restaurant next to work has opened, some lovely smells wafting up the stairs, x

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