Road trip to Disneyworld – day 1.

5am get up this morning as Angel had a super early proton appointment. We left the proton clinic at about 7:15am and began our loooong drive to Orlando.
What should have apparently been just a three hour journey ended up taking a whopping 7 hours!!

All I can say is we thought drivers in Jacksonville were bad…. Never seen anything like it in my life.

We finally arrived at our hotel, which despite being very cheap, is nice enough and has a pool…. Which is a good job really since the bath is like having a wash in a sink.

When we’d unpacked our stuff and Angel and I had a mooch about… Or should I say gave her a piggy back down three corridors while we pretended the orange carpet was a yellow brick road (singing included!)
We set off to our first park – Epcot.

Long story short – we finally got out free park tickets from guest relations, and after much queuing, walking and orienteering we managed to get on a few rides.
We laughed at the Americans cooing over red phone boxes in the ‘United Kingdom’ showcase.
We did most of the science and education stuff, but also went in to the conservation centre and science labs – super cool!
Definitely by far the best part of the day was the 3D George Lucas movie which we all loved!!!

We watched the fire work display, listened to some music. Headed home through yet another mario kart adventure (INDICATE AMERICANS) and, eventually, go back to our hotel.

Angel is eating chicken nuggets as I type. Bev is flooding the ‘bathroom’

Will leave you with some pics! Goodnight from Disneyworld…. There were four in the bed and the little one said….








One thought on “Road trip to Disneyworld – day 1.

  1. Have a fab time Angel and all, on your ‘radiation vacation’. Following your blog in Tenerife. Thinking of you and wishing good luck to all fundraisers at Red Bank Rd this weekend!! The Smiths (Dan & Harry) x

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