Lunch & Learn, Graduations & Hospitals, Hospitals, Hospitals..

Hi all!

Wednesday again so lunch and learn for us! Today it was donated by ‘Zoe’s kitchen’ of which there are three locations in Jacksonville. Bev and I had salad and… some sort of steak and chicken wraps, very nice as usual!

Thank you to Carol Loots who took Angel to McDonald for a Happy Meal. The presentation after lunch was on pancreatic cancer. After this, Brad gave the newbies, alumni and gradates a chance to make a little speech.

This is the part of the week that Bev usually has a cry – and today was no different as Walt, Wayne and the others got up to say their goodbyes and Thank Yous.

We are constantly and continue to be amazed by the friendship and support we receive here at the Proton Centre. 

Massive Congrats to both Wayne and Walt who have rang the bell this week and have finished their treatment! Wayne and Carol and Walt and Pam are both lovely couples who we will definitely stay in touch with!!!!


10306729_10100979267578958_431461840475855833_n 10580044_10100979268038038_5816913554890223760_n

In other exciting news today – we went over to the Wolfsons Children’s hospital (and then the maze to find the weaver tower) to visit little Dempsy… a little girl who has travelled over from Northern Ireland with her Mum Lynn.

Dempsy will be having 8 weeks of proton therapy, so you will be hearing lots more about her too!


Angel had her last but Oncology appointment today at Neumours… so only one more trip of ‘THE LIFTS’ for us!!!

We also have a graduation date for Angel’s proton therapy!!! That’s exciting….. one month until we come home!

Thinking of all our friends in the UK – hope nobody was too badly effected by the floods.






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