Thank you Walt and Pam!

Just wanted to say a massive Thank you to Walt and Pam Welham.

As you (hopefully!) know, since we have been in Jacksonville we have met some lovely lovely people.

At a Proton lunch at the Crown Plaza last week, there was a speech on fund raising – money is being raised to improve the quality and ‘child-friendliness’ of the recovery room at the Proton Centre.

We are soo overwhelmed and happy to share with you that the lovely Mr and Mrs. Welham have donated $1000 in Angel’s name towards the room. How lovely, we were absolutely astounded when we found out!!!!!

Additionally, last week, Walt and Pam had invited us out for ice-cream, as we were away all weekend we said we would go on Monday. After a 30 minute, we arrived at our location – Brusters Ice Cream Parlour.

OH. MY. GODNESS. You have never seen (or tasted) anything like it in your life! They had almost every flavour of ice cream (and toppings!) you can imagine… even ice cream cakes and pies. We’re just very happy this isnt around the corner from us …. thankfully I didn’t write down the directions!

Here are some of the pics 🙂

1311177744-brusters_cookie_dough_waffle_cone 1311177814-brusters_banana_split brustersCakesPies-MainImage2


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