Proton V Brain Tumour – Day 19!

Yesterday we took Angel to the shops in the morning, she has found a robot she wants to buy from Best Buy! But we are currently putting it off due to luggage allowances!!

I dropped my Mum off at the airport, message from Bev: ‘I miss my Cinderella now’. We spent the rest of the day at the Proton Clinic – we had lots of work to do including writing lots and lots of reviews! Super nice ones for Olive Garden and staff, Dicks, Wings and Grill, Jacksonville Zoo, and then some not so nice ones from our… shall we say ‘not so good’ experiences.

As a few of our friends already know, our time here in Jacksonville has not all been rainbows and butterflies – it is not one big holiday as some NHS patients had previously said. We have had our fill of stress, dilemmas and awkward situations. However, every day is a new day, and we continue to meet lovely people here that counteract our difficult experiences.

Last night we went to Dicks, Wings and grill for Trivia night (remember how we took Ewen last week – and won!) well, last night Scott’s wife and two sons joined us, and we came third! We were in a tie with team scooby snacks, but won on the Robin Williams questions. Woop!


While we were out we also met some new people, who have invited us to a Birthday party this Saturday! So we’re looking forward to that. We also (semi) planned our trip back to St. Augustine’s (again) we will update you on that as we know! Angel wants to swim with Dolphins while she is out here… so I will hopefully get that sorted for her this week.

She has also recently received a huuugee list of celebrities (from movie stars, pop stars, sports stars.. and even the kardashians are on there) for her to get a hat signed! So she will be revising the list careful to make her choice!

Angel is currently bouncing off the walls as I type this, we are doing American accent impressions and watching British TV programmes on youtube. 

Bev thinks Angel and I sound American now…we don’t. Or maybe we do. SKYPE DATES!


One thought on “Proton V Brain Tumour – Day 19!

  1. All you can do is take it a day at a time. Hope you are all feeling ok. Lots of hugs and kisses xx
    P.S. well done at the quizs xx

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