Super Sunday – Part 1 FISH FRY!

Before I write this post, I want you to know that I can’t possibly do yesterday justice. However I explain it won’t convey the full extent of the awesomeness!

On the way to the clinic we have to drive over a bridge, as we are crossing over this (quite big) river – Bev has often commented on the houses on the rivers edge, and how lovely they look and how amazing it would be if you lived in one of those with a jetty in your garden and all the boats.

So when Scott and Celest inviting us to. ‘Fish Fry’ this weekend, well little did we know we’d be visiting one of the aforementioned houses!
We managed to find the neighbourhood with no trouble, and got excited as soon as we saw the boats and water!

As Celest had told us to bring swim stuff – we were worried we’d be wading through the river for our dinner.
We were relieved when we saw a pool in the back garden at Kathy’s house…. Which is so beautiful! We feel so honoured for the invite and were overwhelmed with how hospitable everyone was and how welcoming they made us feel!


A fish fry, in America in basically a meal consisting of fried fish! Kinda like a BBQ – in this case, it was all the fish the boys in the family had caught over the summer – cooked to be eaten!

This gave Zach an excellent opportunity to take us fishing! … Well… Teach Angel and I how to fish since it was our first time!
Using shrimp as bait we cast our fishing poles and continuously watched the fish come up and eat the shrimp right off the hook without being caught….




But then….


A fish!





Ah, being part of this process made us feel all country! Anyway – while we were fishing Scott was slaving away cooking lots of food! Mostly consisting of fish, shrimp, potatoes, coleslaw, beans and GRITS!
Our first time trying grits too…. Kinda like a mix between really fine rice pudding and semolina!


And…. We ate lots of fish!


There’s more – for dessert Celest had made a ‘snickers salad’ which consists of red apples, green apples, snickers, cool whip and vanilla pudding….

Angel and the boys hung out in the pool playing games and swimming about, while Bev and I sat with the adults. Aaaaaah. Normal lovely Sunday we loved it sooo much! And avoided the rain all day (up to this point!!)

Lots more pics were taken of this lovely afternoon, and I’ll upload these when I get the email!! Thanks to Kathy’s for hosting, Scott for cooking and everyone for making us feel at home ❤


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