Super Sunday – Part II – BASEBALL!!!

After the Fish Fry yesterday we didn’t think our night could get any better… despite getting caught in the massive downpour (and we mean massive, it was raining so heavy there were streams running down the road!)

We drove across the red bridge to get to the Baseball Game at Bragan Field. We met Emily and Ewen at the gates and ran to get our seats.


Angel bought some cotton candy and we were ready for the game to begin! After the American anthem was belted out…. we were ready for our first game of Baseball!!


Emily bought Angel a Southside paw (the mascot was however a dog and not a sun… don’t know who came up with that wise idea… Emily is going to write to them and found out!) We really enjoyed the game, and were impressed with the Suns players (no wonder they’re second in the league!) It was so strange to see all the advertisements constantly on the screens behind the game.

Angel monitored the speed of the ball as it was thrown, and we tried to cheer on the Suns as much as possible…

She also got to meet the SunBeam Cheerleaders! Who were really lovely 🙂


At the end of the game, the children got to run the bases around the pitch! Angel of course wanted to take part in this… and I managed to record her (will post when back!) she also got given a ball from the game, and a T-Shirt!


We had an awesome time and can’t wait to go again!!!




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