Clark’s Fish Camp!

Yesterday the blue gantry (where Angel receives her proton beam therapy from) was behind, so we were at the clinic from 2 till gone 5 o clock.

We decided to go straight out for dinner rather than drive home, and thought it was about time we took Angel to Clarkes Fish Camp.
It was actually Mitch from Proton who told us about this place – but if you live or are visiting Jacksonville you must go!!!

It’s situated down on Hood Landing Road, so there’s a nice drive past some fancy houses to get there.


There’s a heavy rustic feel pretty much as soon as you arrive in the car park with the wooden signs, shell laden floor and creek that surrounds the restaurant.
As you walk towards the entrance there is some swamp like matter to your right… Look closely and you’ll see lots of little (and large) turtle heads popping up!
Here is Angel at the Entrance …



As you can see….. Attention to detail is ott here!



So, prime rib, amazing variety of sea food, chicken, full service bar, rustic atmosphere all at a restaurant on the river that used to be a humble bait shop…. This is why we’re raving about Clarks right?
Wrong! Not only the above – but Clarks fish camp is home to the largest private collection of taxidermy in America! We had a fair idea of the place before we went (Thanks Mitch) but nothing could have quite prepared us…..
As you walk trough the door there is a giraffe! Tonnes of animals everywhere you look…. It’s a struggle to take it all in… and realise that these animals used to be alive!
Hopefully these pics I took will give you some idea….







To be honest, the smaller animals gave me the creeps moving around with the air conditioning!! But as usual Angel was brave!!


As we were taken to be seated, we were surrounded by yet MORE animals…. All kinds…. It seemed to be never ending.





ANYWAY! Talking of animals…, we did go for dinner after all… So you must be wondering what we ate?
To give you an idea… Here’s a few of the options …


We had – GATOR! Mmm chewy says Bev

Angel had fish fingers and fries – we were deep in the rustic fishing vibe by this point (perhaps blamed on the fish fry at the weekend?)

The portions here are HUGE… Bev and I could have eaten one plate between us…. Way too much… We would have taken it home was our fridge not already full of boxes we end up taking home! So if you go to eat here – be aware!
Additionally, we tried (mostly because they seemed to appear on our plate for free, but also because we were curious) hush puppies for the first time.
They were sort of like… Sweet stuffing balls. None of us were hugely keen.

On the way out Angel paid 25c for some feed and spent a while coaxing up the turtles!!

We then drove home without getting lost! Hurrah!

As a lot of you know, Angel only has two weeks of treatment left (from today!) so we’re trying to keep her as up beat as possible!!
She really does appreciate all your comments and messages on here, so thank you!!!!


P.s forgot to mention they also have a live 6 foot aligator…. !


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