Angel just came running in to the office to tell me…… she BROKE THE PROTON BEAM/MACHINE!


Aha, the beam (or something) broke down while she was on the table… so they had to turn it all off and get her off. It’s all sorted now though and she’s finished her treatment for today! Was wondering why it took unusually long… nobody need to worry everything is still fine and how it should be.. she’s just so excited that she ‘broke’ the machine. ahaha, she is telling me – as I type – ‘make sure you put it in big capital letters on my blog’ – so here you go 🙂

06:25am appointment for tomorrow to make up for it!

Elaine x


3 thoughts on “NEWSFLASH!!!

  1. Naughty angel have to keep fund raising to pay for a new machine,goes to show she’s not lost her sense of humour haha

  2. I’m sure you said ‘sorry’ for breaking the machine! Really enjoy reading your blog each day. Lovely to see all the amazing experiences you are all having, at the same time as managing your treatment Angel. Keep smiling and being strong. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Mrs Hirst x

  3. I don’t know Angel breaking the machine ha ha! Love that you are still managing to enjoy yourself through everything. Big hugs and keep smiling xx

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