Thank You Cory!!

As you know, since we’ve been here Angel has become a (huge!) fan of UFC… and we often watch this on the tv at Dicks, Wings and Grill, or the main fights at Buffalo Wild Wings!

My cousin Cory, (see pic!)who is a member of Blackburn Predators MMA, has been following Angel’s brain tumour journey.

After speaking with his head coach & professional MMA fighter – Rob Freedman, I am delighted to share with you that they have organised VIP tickets for Angel and her friend to go and watch a fight! After the event she is even going to meet the guys and have her picture taken! She’s soooo excited! She just told her Neuro Doctor this morning… he can’t believe we took her to watch UFC…



If anyone would like to read more information about Blackburn Predators:

‘From our Blackburn gym facility, we will teach you a wide variety of fighting styles aimed towards total beginners and the professional fighter.

Getting in the Ring? Getting in the Cage? Keeping fit? Whether it’s Mixed Martial Arts (UFC), Kickboxing, Submission Grappling, Wrestling, Muay Thai or Boxing, we’ve got a class to suit’.

Click here for more information.



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