Chuck.E.Cheese, Lung Cancer Lunch; Swimming, Loom bands and more!

Hi everyone!
Last night we took Angel to Chuck.E.Cheese. It was pretty much like an arcade in the UK (think the ones you see in Bowlplex rather than an actual amusements) anyway the way it works is…. You order your food at the front (chicken pizza, cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza or ham pizza) and then sit amongst the machines!
Every 30 minutes a giant mouse in jeans and a t shirt comes out and does a dance. Surreal.
After Angel ate her pizza, she purchased some tokens and the three of us blasted the machines within an inch of their lives!
By the end we had tonnes and tonnes of tickets and Angel exchanged these for – a frisbee, a lolly and a bracelet (see pics – she put the stickers in her diary)

We had an early night last night….

Angel had a 06:30am proton appointment this morning so it was a 5:30 start for us… It was still dark as we were driving to the clinic!
We took Angel to McDonald’s for breakfast where she had…. A chicken biscuit!
Which was chicken, on a savoury type scone. She said it was alright …. But she wouldn’t have it all the time!

We drove back to the apartment and hung out for a while before driving up to UFPTI for lunch and learn.

Lunch was an array of sandwiches, wrapped and pittas (with cookies!) kindly donated by tidbits.
Dr. Hoppe gave a presentation on lung cancer…. Which reminds me to inform y’all we will be taking part in the Lung Force – to help raise money and raise awareness of Lung cancer – run this weekend!

It’s Saturday morning at 8am! So shall post more about that towards to the weekend.

We talked to Ewen and Emily, another family and also Lynn and Dempsey at lunch. We are missing Walt and Pam and Carol and Wayne! Thanks to Carol for leaving Angel a card at the clinic.


This afternoon we went swimming … For the first time in ages! It was soooo hot, we stayed in the water the whole time, you even have to put your head under it’s so hot! We mostly had the pool (and area!) all to ourselves as the American children have gone back to school this week.
Well, we did have the pool to ourselves until our new friends – five guys and an ice box – turned up. More about that on fb!

Angel has been looming for most of the afternoon, she is currently making a Mickey Mouse charm for baby Freddie. Will post you a picture when it’s finished!
We’re off out to dinner now to meet Conor, Zach, Scott and Celeste.

Everything fine just hot hot hot we are going to have to stay indoors all week!







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