Protons, Pottery and Pub Quiz…

Yesterday Angel had quite a late proton appointment. We chatted to our friends at the clinic and waited for family fun night.
The food last night was donated by Papa John’s Pizza, and the activity was pottery.
Angel was in her appointment by the time this starter, so we saved her some food and started a pottery painting project for her.
There was a frozen theme – and we had to paint a beach with Olaf!
Mariah’s Dad Alex also painted one for her…. These are the current results of this:

They still need to be fired and glossed, will keep you updated on how they turned out!

After Angel finished her treatment we took her to trivia night at Dick’s, Wings and Grill.
Kathy, Sandy and Benny had saved a table or us!
We also saw Kara and Jessica.. And Celeste, Conor and Zach came later. Despite the 80’s theme … We managed to come first place!
(The bonus questions were on politics – for anyone who doesn’t know I know more than an average amount about politics lol!)
So we came first place and now have a $30 voucher to use!

It was great seeing Kathy and Sandy again, we’re so lucky to have made such nice friends here.
Kara and Jessica invited us to a water park on Sunday (it’s going to be 100 degrees!) Angel is looking forward to that.

Today we almost have a day off – Angel doesn’t have to be at the proton clinic until 6:15pm this evening!
So we will be taking her to the pool this afternoon and then to the Catty shack after hospital.
Keep your eyes open for a post about the catty shack… It is literally a mans house with lions and tigers in his garden…. Let you know how we get on!








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