Lung Force Run

Wooo Hooooo we did it!

Despite the worst morning in the whole world (first we got lost on the way to the landing, then managed to get pulled over by the police and had that horrible ordeal to contend with – don’t worry – he eventually let me off, after threatening to attest me and scaring me half to death)

We finally got to the landing and picked up our packets! We joined our team and set off on the run!
It was boiling hot!!! Angel ran with Justin, Bev and I stayed together/with the rest of the team.
Dr. Danny was pushing a stroller as he ran!

After the run we found Emily (who came second in her heat! Wooo) and checked the boards….

Angel finished in 41 minutes… first place for the 10-13 year olds was 43 minutes! So technically she was the fastest but unfortunately she didn’t get a chip 😦
She was unhappy about that as it meant she didn’t get a medal for her run….

She perked a bit on the drive home, and we just dropped her off at Michaels for arts and crafts!

Our team – Florida Proton – have this far raised $1,240 for Lung Force!!

To find out more about Lung Force, or to sponsor our race: visit

Angel all in pink before we left the apartment!


A & J



One thought on “Lung Force Run

  1. Massive ‘well done’ to you all! Not only for completing the run but for turning this whole situation into a positive and creating super memories for Angel on her American adventure 👍 xxx

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