Go Bucs Go!

Tonight we went with the Stevens family to see Conor’s first football game of the season.

It was also the first time we have watched an American football game (bar TV) so Angel was really excited!

It was hot hot hot – 100 degrees even at 5pm, so we were super roasting!

We really enjoyed the game…. And bought some ‘frozen lemonade’ which turned out to be a calipso… Ha!
The two teams ended up ‘all tied up’ aka a draw. No massive dramas from the soccer moms… Which was disappointing because Bev and I were hoping it would be like Dance Moms, although we’re more than sure Celeste could hold her own 🙈

After the game was over, the three of us joined Celeste, Scott, Conor, Zach and Celeste’s parents for dinner.

It was nice to meet new people and Angel got to answer all the ‘what do you say for this’ in England.

Today was:
* biscuits (again!) we say scone!
* baked potato (we don’t spell it with an e) (Jacket potatoe)
* Cream of wheat (porridge)

We also learnt that in restaurants (we’ve heard this a few times!) ‘do you want me to take you to the bathroom’ or taking your child to the bathroom is actually code for a spanking.

So the naughty kids in America are taking to the toilets for a telling off and a smack. Have we mentioned on the blog how naughty (the majority of) children are out here? Well, no many manners put I that way.

Andddd I also got to talk about Doctor Who! So that made my day! Aha, I’m going to get Angel to watch the new episode with me tonight, but after our busy busy day in the heat we both may fall asleep!

ZzzZzzzZzzzz will leave you with some photos xx










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