In other news – this morning I received an email with a video of some of Angels friends sending her a good luck message for her graduation! I haven’t told her yet – I’m going to keep them as a surprise and show them to her before her last treatment.

While I’m on the subject, I will try and get a big sheet and Bev and I will (somehow… In secret) decorate it and make a big banner for Angel’s graduation. How we’re going to keep this a surprise is a different story…

I also received a message from my God Son’s Mum, which was really lovely and supportive.
I know I have posted lots of Thank you messages for fundraising et al, but I also wanted to say thanks to the people who have been supporting me while I am over here with Angel.

Especially Bev, Becky and Jodie. We are not on holiday and despite how it may seem to some – it does get tough sometimes! Being in the world of a brain tumour is hard going on us all – never mind in 90+ degree heat! I will never complain about the cold again!!

Not many of you know this, but before this trip I had only met Bev 2 times and Angel once.
After being asked to come to America, I met Angel for the first time (since a BBQ at my Mums house 3 years ago!)

My opinion is that having a brain tumour at any age is awful. Having a brain tumour at 11 years old is rubbish! And having treatment, hospital appointments, MRI’s, IQ tests and and the like take up the whole of your summer holidays (which really, she should be enjoying being with her friends) TOTALLY SUCKS!

So yes, I do try to make this ‘journey’ for Angel as ‘fun’ as possible.
Angel is a very active little girl (hello – this morning she ran a 5k while having intensive proton treatment!!) she doesn’t know what it is to be tired or feel tired. She likes to be active and ‘doing something’ all the time.
Her body doesn’t understand what being ill means, her Mum describes it as being on speed! She is constantly on the go and looking for something else to do.

I look for new things for Angel to experience and also things that could offer her a home comfort or remind her of her friends and family back home.
I really should post y’all a photo oh how many jigsaws, loom bands and drawings we’ve done! We haven’t been to the beach once! And this is our 9th weekend here…

Everywhere I go I explain Angel’s situation and 90% of the time we have received freebies, offers, coupons or goodies.
Places we have been – museums, Disney, MOSH, The Zoo – were all on free tickets.
We’ve even got free tickets to Baseball next week (Thanks Celeste).

We are here under unfortunate circumstances, but that doesn’t mean Angel should remember this as a bad time in her life. In short, we really are trying to make the best of a bad situation.

I feel really fortunate to have gained a second Mum in the process! (Even though people out here think Bev’s my sister an Angels my daughter! Ha!)
She has toughened me up so much!!

So thanks to all the Mums of Angel’s friends who have sent messages, videos, pictures and parcels; to the people who Skype her every morning (anyone who knows me know how much I talk – she obviously gets sick of me!)
To her teachers for the messages and emails, and to the people we have met in America who are helping to keep us sane!

Becky, Genie and Collette, Kendra, Matt, Scott and Cat. I LOVE getting messages from you!! Don’t think you’re bugging me, you’re making my day ❤
Lol Angel knows about my friends now as much as I do hers (I could literally tell you what Dylan Taylor has for his dinner!)

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the love y'all.
Your comments and likes do not go unnoticed.


Back to regular 'Murica posts tomorrow! x



2 thoughts on “P.S.

  1. You are an inspiration to all to keep going and to make this a happy time for angel to remember so she can look back and remember her time in America with a big smile on her happy little face for the rest of her very long life love to all and looking forward to a speedy healthy return

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