Hamburger Mary’s – Sunday dinner with a difference….

As many of you know, despite having a brain tumour Angel is a super active young girl.
She is always on the go and her brain doesn’t register when her body gets tired…. Because of this, she is constantly wanting to be out and about – unfortunately due to the heat here this isn’t always an easy challenge.
So last week at the clinic we asked for suggestions… And somebody, (wish we could remember who!) recommended Hamburger Mary’s. Which is a drag queen themed restaurant with a difference.

I had previously contacted ‘Mary’s Jax’ via their Facebook group, and they had booked us a table.
When we got there Angel was in for a treat – we had front row seats, our table was practically touching the stage.
We ordered some dinner from the lovely attentive waitress, and the food was lovely (not to mention massive portions). Angel had chicken love me tenders, and what appeared to be a whole pot of mashed potato.

Not long after we finished, the show started. We were amazed, from the dancing, the costumes, the mannerisms, we loved everything about it. Angel especially loved the tiara! And dresses.

During the show Miss Brittany T. Moore, was talking to the audience (and after cracking a joke about Bev and I being lesbians – not the first time since we’ve been here have we heard that one!) introduced Angel to the Audience.
She told everyone about Angel’s story and why she’s in America and it was really nice and overwhelming.

We really enjoyed the show, it was awesome! Completely different to shows back in the U.K, we took some videos but I’ll keep them to Facebook!

During the show Miss Brittany also presented Angel with a signed shoe from the cast, and some signed photographs! Angel felt really special and is super grateful; she was talking about the show in the car all the way back and will no doubt be telling everyone in the clinic tomorrow!

What’s more – after the show finished, a random (his name we later discovers is Jonny) but very kind stranger came up to our table and gave me money as he wanted to pay for our meal!

I can’t say enough how we are constantly amazed and overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the people we meet here in Jax ❤

I will leave you with some pictures, as I’m hopping over to trip advisor to write an amazing review on this place, cannot recommend it enough!!! Happy bank holiday weekend folks xx

Edit: As I only just finished typing about how awesome our night was…. I just received a Facebook message from Miss. Brittany thanking us for joining them; inviting us back and saying she would like to buy us dinner.

HOW LOVELY? Wait until I tell Angel in the morning!!

Everyone in Jax needs to get their butts down to this bar – it’s so awesome!!

Elaine x














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