Officially 1 week of proton left!

Angel has had her MRI scan today, (we will meet with Dr for obs tomorrow) and her last ever Monday proton treatment!

Next Monday is labour day out here in the states (a bank holiday for the workers) so the clinic will be closed.
So we are officially now one week down from her graduation.

Please do email me your good luck messages and I’ll read them all out to her before she rings the bell. Thanks to the boys from her school who have already sent me a video.

Thanks for the ice bucket challenge nomination – Brendon and Samia, I’ll make sure I do it but it may have to be tomorrow as Angel wants me to take her to the cinema tonight.

I have almost finished my Elaine explains for this week – I just need to get a few pics and speak to Angels Physicist & Dr tomorrow to make sure I’ve got my research correct!

Angel has started organising her things ready to take home, so today we took lots of games, jigsaws, teddies and crafts to the clinic.

It’s cooled down a bit over here, we were freezing last night! Hope everyone has a good bank holiday!
I better get working on Angel’s graduation speech and lunch thank you! x


One thought on “Officially 1 week of proton left!

  1. You’ll be excited about finishing your treatment Angel. You’ve been amazingly brave throughout it all. Hope you enjoy ringing the bell for graduation and the girls look forward to seeing you in October. They are making cards for you already! Pamela Stuart Amber and Chloe. Xxxx

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