Welcome Home & Thank You Party – Please Read.

Just to let you know, I am in the process of trying to organize a welcome home/thank you party for Angel’s return.

At the moment it will be Sunday 12th October, time and venue are yet to be confirmed.

I obviously don’t have Angel’s teachers/friends etc on facebook, so if people reading this could let them know!

We have lots of people we would like to Thank, so hopefully everyone that has done fund-raising for Angel can make it. I’ll also be able to answer any most questions about America people have.

Anyone that would like to help – we do need raffle prizes and donations for the buffet, even balloons and such would be a help.

Email me elaine.bamford@gmail.com and let me know.


If you don’t get an invite on facebook don’t be offended as I made it private to guests… will work with Jodie and the Bispham endowed crowd to let you know the details as they are confirmed. Just making sure noone is left out of the loop!

Thanks, Elaine.


3 thoughts on “Welcome Home & Thank You Party – Please Read.

  1. Looking forward to the welcome home for angel and great news that this is the final week love from all the clearys

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