Elaine Explains… Dr. Danny!

As requested… today I did a wee interview with Angel’s Doctor – Daniel Indelicato, M.D.

Here he is contributing his hands to future collectable art pieces, as designed and painted by us, and posing for a picture with Angel after the Lung Force run!



His favourite colour is: Blue

In his spare time, when he watches TV he is: watching College Football and cheering on the Gators (sorry Tayler)

He likes to eat: Chicken paaaaaasta. (American’s can sometimes overly drag their A’s, Danny is one of those people)

His favourite movie is… Spinal Tap!

He loves… his lovely family, especially his wonderful wife who does a great job looking after his two girls: Lily (5) and Quinn (3) so he can do such an important job.

His favourite patient of all time in the history of the world is: Angel Gregson!

An interesting fact about Dr. Danny: Our sources tell us that apparently (maybe when he was younger, we’re not sure) there was once a poll on how ‘attractive’ he was!!!





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