Last Day at Nemours – Done!

This morning Angel did some crafts with Barbara, she was making various paracord bracelets and keyring. We went to the catered lunch, which was kindly donated by Zoe’s Kitchen . After lunch we listened to a presentation on skull and neck tumours given by Dr. Rontondo.

During the lunch director of patient services Brad, described our team – the people who took part in the lung force run, and everyone who had participated stood up. He then talked about somebody special who ran the race without a chip…. and was the fastest in her age group… ANGEL! So she was presented a medal from lung force. I do have pics but I’m still at the Proton clinic so I’ll upload them later.

We then went to Neumours for Angel’s last consultation and check up there. Everything was FINE! So she’s happy that was her last appointment! There was also a little party presented by Mattel (Barbie) in which Angel received an Ella doll!!

This is a ‘friend of Barbie’ and is completely bald … made for little girls who are affected by hair loss. You can interchange different wigs and bandanas etc.

Angel has lost some more hair towards the end of her treatment – only four more left from today!!


The dolls are a really good idea, and I think they would do well in the U.K, I swiped this from an article:

“Mattel made the decision not to sell these dolls at retail stores and profit from them, but rather more directly and immediately get these into the hands of children who can most benefit from a play experience with these dolls. This decision demonstrates Mattel’s commitment to encourage play as a respite for children in the hospital and bring joy to children in need.

“The dolls will be donated in the U.S. and Canada through the Children’s Hospital Association, with whom Mattel has a long standing relationship, as well as through CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. Dolls will also be donated to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. The dolls will be ready for donation and distribution by the end of January. Mattel will work with its subsidiaries in its international markets and will offer small quantities for donation as appropriate.”


We are off to Ewen and Emily’s for dinner tonight… they are cooking us INDIAN FOOD.

Angel just came in and is sat on the desk.. this is my cue to leave! Bye!!!



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