Thank you Elliott Taylor, Andrea and Siobhan!!!

Wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Andrea Mallon-Low and Siobhan Easter who have sold lots of raffle tickets for us – a massive £326.00!! Definitely the most that have been sold for us – so thank you and well done. Angel’s raffle will be drawn at her welcome home party on Sunday 12th October.

I will be posting the winning names and tickets online.


Also wanted to say Good Luck to Elliott Taylor – a friend of Angel’s who is donating some money as he plays online games! His stream will take place sometime on tomorrow at

Good Luck Elliott, and Thank You for thinking of Angel, and of course for this selfie:


We’re off for lunch at the clinic now (thanks Zoe’s kitchen for the free food) and will then be attending a lecture on neck and skull tumours. Angel then has an appointment at Neumours childrens hospital (last one!) so will update when we return!

Elaine x


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