Thank You Elliott! Curry, Pedicure, Publix and a looong wait for the blue gantry!

Last night we went to Ewen and Emily’s for dinner. Ewen made us TWO curries (which were equally lush) and some plain pasta and cheese for Angel – which she loved, and Emily baked some gluten free brownies!!!

It was nice going to someone else’s house for dinner, even though they were really high up!

Last night Elliott Taylor was busy playing games – simultaneously raising some funds for Angel while gaming – Thank you Elliott!

This morning we took Angel to have a pedicure, she sat on a massage chair and had her toes and finger nails painted – hot pink! We then had a quick trip to Publix so Angel could pick out a cake for her graduation on Tuesday… at the moment we think she just wants some various block cakes and cookies, but we’ll see what happens!

Her proton appointment tonight is not until 7:45pm. We are hoping she gets called earlier. We have also been invited to watch Zach’s football game tonight, so we hope it cools down a little outside!

In other news – TWO MORE TREATMENTS LEFT after today. wow… how fast has that gone? Here are some pictures from the last few days… My phone is getting so full I have to keep deleting!





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