Angel’s reaction to losing her hair.

After swimming today, upon combing Angel’s hair more and more clumps and strands keep falling out.
Thought I’d show you this experience; Angel’s reaction and opinion.

This is how it goes
*comb comb… Hair falls out… Bev puts it down the toilet…. Angels like ‘it’s only hair it’s gonna grow back’

So here she is….. Just pulling faces in the mirror while we comb the clumps out.

All in the world of a brain tumour!!








10 thoughts on “Angel’s reaction to losing her hair.

  1. Totally amazed by your attitude Angel, what a star you are. A true professional at Proton Therapy now but not long left to go.
    I’m sure everyone you have met in America will miss you all as much as your family and friends have in the UK.
    All the best for Tuesday x x 😉

  2. Angel you are one very brave young lady and an inspiration to others. Thinking of you and your mum big hugs xxx Nichola and Lucia

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